2017 Is the Year of the Healthy Nurse – Create a DIY Nurse’s Survival Kit

DIY Nurse’s Survival Kit

If there is anything at all that can be said about nurses is that they work hard and are passionate about what they do. Without nurses, patients wouldn’t get the type of care they get and doctors would be literally pushing patients out the door even before making a sound diagnosis. The system would be totally overwhelmed, even more so than it already is. Of course that is extreme, but the point is made. Nurses are essential to healthcare and why we have an appreciation week for nurses everywhere.

National Nurses Week May 6 – 12, 2017

This year has been designated the “Year of the Healthy Nurse” and in keeping with this theme, National Nurses Week 2017 will be entitled “Nursing: Body, Mind and Spirit.” What a wonderful way to recognize all the hard work our nurses do day in and day out to keep us healthy, oftentimes at their own peril. Not only are nurses exposed to every known disease on earth, they literally run themselves into the ground caring for those who need their attention. Many nurses are so inspired that they even continue on to further their studies in doctor of nurse practitioner programs.

Why Create a DIY Nurses Survival Kit?

Once a nurse enters advanced studies, the job becomes even harder yet. Consider a nurse who is working at least 36 hours a week and then working towards a nurse practitioner degree at a leading school such as Bradley University. Can you imagine the long hours they put into working and studying? This is why giving them a token gift, a Nurses Survival Kit that you put together yourself, is really a wonderful idea.

An Assortment of ‘Survival Gifts’

Here is where you get to use a little creative imagination! Many people like to stock their Nurses Survival Kit with things like granola bars and individually wrapped packages of crackers, like peanut butter or cheese cracker ‘sandwiches’. You can add packets of oatmeal, powdered vitamin drinks and an assortment of healthy treats such as dried fruits and nuts, often called ‘trail mix.’ Some people add little bottles of hand sanitizer, tissues and other little items a nurse might need and others put a token gift such as a little lapel pin or hair accessory just for the fun of it. Of course, that wouldn’t do well if your nurse is a male, but think of something a guy would appreciate. That’s half the fun – finding little items to put in your survival kit.

This year, let’s recognize all the work our nurses do to keep us healthy and on our feet, even when they’ve worked a 12 hour shift and their feet are throbbing in pain. Make your survival kit fun because that is the idea, really. A small token gift to show nurses you care and that you recognize all they do for us. Have fun creating your kit and make it as crazy as you can. You’ll put a smile on the face of a nurse, and that is worth all the time and thought that went into your gift.

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