3 Online Degrees That Will Help You Find a Job Almost Anywhere

3 Online Degrees That Will Help You Find a Job Almost Anywhere

Sometimes you can study all the way up through a doctorate, going to school for the better part of two decades or more, and still end up with a degree that is so highly specialized that your career choices are limited. If you’ve recently finished a BA in liberal studies and are wondering where to go from there to open a wide array of career choices upon completion of graduate work, there are three online degrees that will help you find a degree almost anywhere, in any industry and actually in most countries around the globe.

Graduate Degree in Philosophy

Many offer an online masters in philosophy because of the broad scope of this degree. While most people think you can only get a job in academia with an MA in philosophy, they are dead wrong! This particular degree teaches you the art of reasoning and logic. It begins way back in the days of the ancient philosophers and takes you through time as mankind began to advance towards a technological society.

There is little you can do if you are unable to use the voice of reason and have little sense of logic. From marketing to business administration to manufacturing, believe it or not, and advanced degree in philosophy opens up doors you just wouldn’t believe. Any industry that relies on logic would be happy to have a scholar of this caliber on staff – and if you are really adventurous, why not apply for a spot with the government think tanks that rely on reason and logic to suggest policy and plan?

The Most Well Rounded Degree on Earth

It doesn’t matter what industry you intend to work in, having a master of liberal arts online degree will open doors you’d never imagine. This is an interdisciplinary field of study in which you learn to approach questions from several directions. It doesn’t matter if the problem you are solving is a high-tech conundrum, liberal arts helps you see the question as though following the spokes to the center of a wheel. You’ve heard it said that all roads lead to Rome? With a masters in liberal arts, all disciplines lead to a central solution. You could say that all disciplines are a part of the equation through which the solution is found. You can apply a liberal arts master to any industry because skills are transferable across the board. That’s the true meaning of interdisciplinary.

Everything Has a History

Then there is the master of arts in history online degree that gives the student the tools needed to find current solutions based on historical events. From solving political turmoil to finding ways to feed the masses, there is a lesson from history to be learned and applied to any and every situation imaginable in today’s world. Another way of looking at an advanced degree in history is like looking at a roadmap. There is a starting point, stops along the way and a final destination. Learning to put history in perspective is like learning to read a roadmap. There isn’t a career on earth that doesn’t have a history to learn from and grow upon and that’s what the serious student of history can bring to the job.

Any one of these three online degrees can open doors that even a specialty within that field might not open. Much in life is interdependent on other fields of study, so as a philosopher, a historian or a student with an interdisciplinary approach to life you can be assured that your skills will be in great demand no matter where you go.

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