Celine’s Winter 2015 Handbag Lookbook (See the Collection Now!)

Celine’s Winter 2015 Handbag Lookbook (See the Collection Now!)

Celine’s Winter 2015 Handbag Lookbook (Collection and Prices)

Preview the brand new Celine’s bags and prices! They’re ridiculously expensive . The biggest debut of Winter 2015 is Oversized Twisted Cabas, previously showed on the brand’s Fall 2015 runway.

Again, the pricing for each bag is pretty high. My least favorite is Celine’s Net Bag $3,600  and my favorite is Celine Micro Luggage Tote, also at $3,600.

Which one is your favorite/least favorite bag?

Looking at these bags takes me to a place like Aspen, Colorado, where everything is pricey and there’s a bit of an elite crowd walking around, but wow is it ever gorgeous there.  I could definitely imagine myself donning one of the purses there (possibly the PhantomGoat Fur as that would work work especially well in those winter months).

I have seen a lot of orange leather over the last few years and Celine and a few other companies have done a great job getting the color right.  It’s bold and powerful, yet fun and shows a play on colors.  I think Celine stands out from other brands however with their shades of yellows and reds, just look at the two tone Small Ring Bag, a gorgeous play on colors.

Celine obviously the risks they take in bringing in other patterns and contrast colors.  You WILL be noticed with one of these handbags, even brand name aside.  And for that, I say hats off as the company is taking risks and pushing boundaries.  Handbags are one area that this is needed, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the next few years from them.

You can also purchase more CÉLINE collections here

To preview the collection : Click the image and browse through the slideshow



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