Growing My Own Tomatoes – A Fresh Journey

Growing My Own Tomatoes - A Fresh Journey

I always wanted  my own veggie and fruit garden. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a little kid but never got a chance to grow my own plants until we recently moved from an apartment to a place with a bit of an open area. After failing for the last two years, I am so glad that I finally had some success with my quest of planting and growing tomato plants.

I purchased a large tomato plant from my local Costco for $9.99, and  purchased four tomato planters from my local Jimbo’s market. I picked a variety of tomatoes types as I wanted to learn which one would grow best in our climate and soil.

I planted my big tomato plant on the ground, added some compost and fertilizer. The first week was great, I could see my plant growing nicely but out of the blue in week two it  looked like it was dying. So I decided to trim off the dead leaves, and my plant grew back to its healthy state and then even better than before. I was pretty shocked and pleasantly surprised.  I’ve been picking tomatoes from this plant the most, I think the plant had produced more than 50 tomatoes and is still growing fast and furious!  Of all of the vegetables that I’ve tried to grow I have had the most success with tomatoes,  they are absolutely low maintenance. I’ve been pretty bad with watering, I always seem to forget, but these tomatoes are tough and forgiving.  I often only manage to water once a week but they’re still doing great.

My tomato planters on the other hand seem to grow much more slowly. They are not dying but take so long to bear fruits and only produce less than 20 per plant (from my personal experience at least).

In the end, I truly enjoy my gardening journey. I just picked some today, my kids helped out and I loved having them outdoors and doing something productive.  They got 2 full buckets of tomatoes and we ate them non-stop for quite a while.   I think they were probably the freshest tasting tomatoes we’ve ever tried and it brought me some inspiration to garden even more.

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