Hair Loss Stages in Male Pattern Baldness

Hair Loss Stages in Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss stages in male pattern baldness

Hair loss has stages which have been categorized using a scale called the Norwood-Hamilton scale. This is the most used standard that tracks male hair loss.

A common hair loss type in men is androgenetic alopecia which is also known as male pattern baldness and male pattern hair loss. This type of hair loss is the most known in men and can start in early teens or twenties. It’s caused by a mixture of male sex hormones and genetics.

There are a few different areas that men see hair loss, the most common is the hairline which recedes from the temples, thins at the crown of the head and also thins across all of the scalp.

Hair loss has been classified using a scale created by Dr. O’tar Norwood. It’s the most used scale for male hair loss. Known as the Norwood-Hamilton scale, it shows the various stages of male pattern hair loss. There are two main areas where hair loss is seen, recession at the temples and hair thinning and loss at the crown of the head. Eventually the two areas join at the front and leaves a horseshoe shape of hair around the side.

Not all men lose hair at the same rate, sometimes hair loss is very quick while in some men it can take many decades to reach the final stage of baldness.

These are the hair loss stages listed on the scale.

Stage 1

At this stage there is an adolescent hairline, shown in the upper brow crease. No hair loss is seen at the crown or hairline.

Stage 2

This stage demos the change to an adult hairline, this sits above the upper brow crease. There’s very mild hair loss which is often seen at the front of the hairline.

Stage 3

Known as the first stage of noticeable hair loss that is seen as baldness. Men suffering from this will show recession at their temples.

Stage 4

Shows a recession at the front of the temples and the head. More hair loss at the crown is seen and the sides of the head still have quite a lot of hair.

Stage 5

The beginning of one of the hair loss stages that is severe. There will still be hair loss on the hairline and crown, but this band of hair is much more narrow and thinner. The hair missing from the crown is much more noticeable.

Stage 6

Any hair that connected the front of the head and crown is almost completely gone with very few strands left. The hair that’s left makes a horseshoe shape around a bald patch in the centre of the scalp. There is a lot more hair loss on the side of the head.

Stage 7

A small amount of hair is left at the back of the head and on the sides of the scalp. This is an advanced stage and most of the hair is lost.

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