Hosting the Perfect Brunch with NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels

Hosting the Perfect Brunch with NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels

Thank you NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels for sponsoring this post. Brunching at home just got easier and more delicious with the launch of NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels!

Hosting brunch on a Sunday or during the holidays is one of my favorite ways to share a special meal with friends and family. Restaurant brunches can be quite pricey, which is one reason I opt to host brunches at home more often.  It allows me to spend quality time and have some fun putting together the ensemble.

As a mother of two toddlers having brunch at home is very convenient and less stressful than a fancy restaurant (my husband and I taught our kids about table manners but I swear they sometimes bottle up the bad behavior for the nicer places!).  At home I like to get them involved in preparing the meals, helping with the decorations and of course giving me a hand with cleanup.  Sunday’s allow more time for all of this and it’s a big bonding time in our home.

Hosting the Perfect Brunch with NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels

Cooking and decorating the table for brunch is especially enjoyable for me in the Fall and Winter seasons.  Holiday table pieces and decorations are great but even little hints and elements of the seasons can do wonders for the setting.  A gourd, pumpkin or squash looks great on the table and can be eaten the next day!  A simple  miniature pumpkin or wreath works great as a centerpiece, too.

My brunches are anything but stuffy… no pressure on my guests and I don’t put unneeded pressure on myself.  I usually have a mix of home cooked items, some store bought items.  On that note, NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels are becoming one of my favorite brunch food items. They are freshly baked bagels, made with deliciously creamy PHILADELPHIA cream cheese. These bite-size bagels are ready to eat in minutes, just heat them up in the microwave or oven for a quick snack or serve them as a no-stress appetizer at your next brunch.

NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels start with the same quality ingredients used in home cooking — butter, flour, milk, eggs, fresh produce, herbs and high quality cream cheese.  They come in four diverse flavors: Original, Jalapeño, Apple Cinnamon and Pumpkin.

Hosting the Perfect Brunch with NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels

At this time of year there’s nothing quite like the taste of pumpkin and I have a ball each year trying its popular and distinct flavor in some of my favorite foods and drinks. That said, the pumpkin flavor of NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels is heavenly!  It’s so creamy and each bite is perfect with the harder bagel on the outside.  I really like the other flavors too, especially Jalapeño (as I’m just a fan of anything with some kick to it!).  

There are so many ways to host a brunch.  Some hosts may ask guests to bring foods to share, while others prefer to cook and serve the entire meals to our guests. To make my brunch run smoothly and reduce some of my stress, I always make sure that I have some pre-made treats ready that are frozen and can simply be reheated before serving.  When attending a brunch I try to bring an item that isn’t too extravagant or showy, but that will leave a great impression and be popular at the table.  NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels checks the box for me as a host of a brunch or as a guest… love that!

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Available on shelves nationwide NANCY’S Pumpkin Petite Stuffed Bagels exclusively at Walmart, other flavors can be found at grocers nationwide.

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