Kermit Tesoro (Lady Gaga’s Shoe Designer) Reveals Octopus-Inspired High Heel

octopus-inspired high heel

squid-shoe-weird-fashion-Kermit-Tesoro-polypodis-19Remember those bizarre high heels Lady Gaga wore in her music videos and live performances?
They’re from the Philippines-born artist Kermit Tesoro ( Lady Gaga’ Shoe Designer), and just revealed his latest creation “POLYPODIS” 2015. It’s an octopus-inspired high heel design, wow!
octopus-inspired high heel
Tesoro says that inspiration for the ostentatious design came when he was visiting a museum while on holiday.

octopus-inspired high heel
Kermit Tesoro studied at UP Diliman College of Fine Arts in Manila, and his shoe collection were seen in the 2012 collection of French-born designer Florian Jayet. His background in arts enabled him to create his signature sculpted high heel looks.


I absolutely love his art! Those shoes are so unbelievably gorgeous and unique, and something I would be honored to wear.

Check out his latest collections!

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